Our easy EIGHT step process is outlined below. We’ll take you through every step of the process making it as hassle free as possible for you and your family. From strategizing, to managing the sale, and post-sale services we’ll take care of it all with the utmost trust, respect and efficiency.


We have the experience to value your belongings accurately and to maximize selling potential. We’ll do the research and provide market-driven pricing for your items. You can rest assured we’re seasoned professionals and will use our judgement to accept the best offer. There are no upfront charges or hidden fees – we charge a competitive commission based on total sales and we offer a FREE no obligation evaluation.

2. Sale Set-Up

As part of the walkthrough we’ll discuss the best way to adjust and set up your home to prepare for the sale. We’ll organize all your possessions and items to optimize the display area. Timing for this process will depend on the size of sale. We’ll provide tables for easy setup.

3. Advertising

We’ll take care of all the advertising by getting the word on via social media including Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also advertise on Estatesales.net, Estatesales.org, and Estatesales.com.

4. Obtaining Permits

Don’t worry about rules, procedures or permits. We’ll determine the type of sale and depending on the city or township requirements we’ll secure the right type of permit to allow the sale to take place.


5. Managing the Sale

We’ll be there onsite every step of the way. Count on us for management of the sale itself, all negotiations and pick up needs. And, we’ll provide bags as part of our services.

6. Results/Full Report

At the end of the sale, we’ll summarize everything for you by providing a final report with receipts for the items that sold. We will also provide a plan for post-sale services.


7. Clean Up/Clean Out

We won’t leave you with a mess. We’ll sweep up, wipe down surfaces and put things back the way we found them. We’re glad you’re entrusting us in your family’s home and we want to leave the space as close to the condition we found it in.

8. Items Not Sold

Our goal is to sell all of your possessions but there may be items that go unsold. For items not sold during the estate sale process we will present you with several options, at the initial consultation.